The Diary of a CEO E.113 : How To Become the Person You’ve Always Wanted To Be

Guest: Jordan Peterson

Workplace advices

What to do when facing injustice :

Put yourself in the most powerful negotiating position.

1. Take out your CV and go apply for jobs

2. Once you’ve got some offers go confront your boss

  • the problem you’ve observed
  • solutions for the problem
  • your demand (request for plans) + you have other job offers

Life advices

Relationships — Be truthful

Be truthful to yourself and your loved ones.


  • Arguing:
    ask sincerely that **whether there’s anything that could be said or done that would satisfy them** , allowing them to rethink on what they really want.
  • Comforting others:
    ~DO NOT give advices~. Instead, solve the problem with them together.


Organise Yourself

What’s one thing that I’m doing wrong, that I know I’m doing wrong, that I could fix, that I would fix.

If you’re above organising what’s actually yours, How in the world are you ever going to organise anything else?

  • Organise your belongings and your daily schedule.

Focus on Yourself

We are all born with our own advantages and curses, thus there is no point on being envious of people.

You don’t want someone else’s fate. Your fate’s enough and your adventure’s enough.

  • Focus on your adventure.

Set Higher Goals

You’ll find yourself improving in the process of pursuing that impossible goal.

When you reach the pinnacle of the hill, you want to stop and appreciate the vision. But the next thing you want is a higher hill in the distance.

  • Don’t stop after reaching your goal. Find another one and work to reach it. Or better, set a higher goal that is almost impossible to reach, because you grow from the process, not the result.




“Expressing our own thoughts in writing makes us realise if we really thought them through”

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“Expressing our own thoughts in writing makes us realise if we really thought them through”

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